Use Proper Hoists and Latches to Lift Engines

Matthew Snyder - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Although there is no specific OSHA standard that defines which hoist and latch you use,  OSHA has fined recyclers under its general safety clause for unsafe use of hoists and latches.  Click here for a sample Hoist Checklist developed and used by an ARA Member Facility to provide you with common sense safety practices on hoists and latches.

Inspect hooks and hook latches prior to each use.

With hooks check for:
  • Distortion such as bending, twisting or increased throat opening
  • Wear, cracks, nicks or gouges
  • Hook attachment and securing means

With hook latches, check for:

  • Latch engagement, damaged or malfunctioning latch
  • Proper operation and locking of self-locking hooks.